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Dirty hair for hairstyling? 🤔 Set頭嘅迷思。。。🤔

Over the years we have all heard, "dirty hair holds a style better".  Back in the old day style, this might be correct.  一直以嚟好多人都話,set頭要用污糟頭。 但其實呢種講法已經超過時, 因為舊時嘅髮型同而家既有好大分別。

But nowadays, 90% of the popular styles are soft, loose & voluminous. All these styles are only achieved by the right products & techniques. And can only be in clean hair! 依家大部分流行嘅髮型,都係鬆、軟,且充滿空氣感。而呢類嘅髮型都係用合適嘅products、技術而成。 最重要係。。。 只限乾淨嘅頭髮!

Even with the dry shampoos, powders, and sprays, your hair will never be as pretty as clean hair. 就算落頭髮乾洗劑、鹽粉、噴髮膠,出嚟嘅效果都比唔上真正乾淨嘅頭髮。

👈Do you think this beautiful wavy hair can be achieved by dirty hair? 🤣

👈呢個咁靚嘅髮型,係污糟頭髮一定做唔到嘅! 🤣

And have you imagine going for an important event with sticky dirty stinky hair? No way! 😱



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