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Little beauty tips in hot summer! 夏日美肌小貼士

炎炎夏日,陽光猛烈嘅時間特別長,無論你喜歡健康蜜糖膚色,還是美白無瑕肌,都一定要注意防曬!😎 因為紫外線會破壞膠原蛋白,造成肌膚鬆弛、細紋同老化。

Hot summer started! No matter you love healthy honey skin color or perfect whitening skin, sunscreen is very important under such long sunshine days!😎 It is because the UV 帆

🔆 全方位防曬!如果長時間喺戶外活動,記住身體外露嘅部位全部都要搽防曬。除咗面部及手腳外,嘴唇、耳朵、頭髮及後頸位置都需要保護。 我曾經有客人做完一日戶外活動後,因束馬尾的原固,耳仔頂及後頸都曬燶咗。😣

🔆All over protection! If you are having outdoor activities, besides the face, arms & legs, sunblock for lips, hair, ears and neck are also needed. I used to have a customer who got sunburn her ears, and the back of her neck after a long day outing. She was wearing a ponytail on that day!😣

🔆 清潔真係好重要! 記住睡前一定要落妝,徹底清潔皮膚可以減低黑色素形成。 成日聽到有客人同我講,太攰啦!所以冇落妝就瞓咗。。。。😖真係唔得㗎! 你而家後生咋,過多幾年你就知~😏 🔆Remove makeup before sleep is a must! Well cleaning your face can prevent skin pigmentation. I used to have some customers told me that she was too tired and went to bed without removing makeup! 😖Oh no! You will see when you getting olddddderrrrrrr~~😏

🔆 皮膚經常要保濕! 如果你哋係坐office或長期處於冷氣開放嘅房間,就要定時用保濕噴霧為肌膚補水。 但係千祈唔好噴普通礦泉水, 因為普通礦泉水冇任何保濕因子,水份停留喺肌膚上面好易被蒸發,而且蒸發嘅時候仲會帶走埋你皮膚上面原有嘅水份,所以用完之後會仲乾過無用。 🔆Using moisture spray regularly if you are under air-conditioner for long. But do not use normal mineral water spray as those spray do not contain moisture essence. It will be drying up very fast and will also evaporate the water of your own skin.

🔆 切勿過度敷面膜! 好多人都鍾意敷面膜,冬天又話要保濕,夏天又話要美白。 不過真係唔好日日敷,有時過量敷面膜反而會增加油脂粒形成,仲有可能會引致過敏,敷面膜都要適可而止。 🔆Don't over-applying facial mask. Many ladies love applying different facial mask. Different functions for a different season. Just no need to apply every day. Too much facial mask will make your skin overreacting sometimes. Grease grain or allergy may occur. More than enough is too much!

🔆 內在都需要保濕! 炎炎夏日要多喝水及補充維他命C,除補充流失嘅水份外,對排毒、美白及提亮肌膚有好大嘅幫助。

🔆Moisturizing from inside out! Drink more water and absorb more vitamin C. Helping detox, whitening and brightening your skin.

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