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The secret of a long lasting makeup.....持久美妝既秘密.....

先前喺我Facebook同Instagram 出咗一個post, 講我化咗一個可以維持十幾個鐘冇補過都仲可以好亮麗嘅妝。 大家可以去重溫一下。

I had a post on my Facebook and Instagram regarding I did a long lasting makeup earlier. You can review it again there.

今次重點係想同大家share一下有關粉底同碎粉。 好多人以為要用好厚嘅粉底同碎粉去冚住啲瑕疵, 但係我嘅做法就有啲唔一樣。 我嘅做法係粉底同碎粉一定要夠薄,如果面部皮膚可以正常咁呼吸,所有嘢都冇咁易溶。 大家揀粉底嘅時候千祈唔好只係相信廣告或朋友嘅介紹,每個人都有唔同嘅膚質,有唔同嘅需要適合唔同嘅粉底,冇話邊隻特別好。 更加唔好以為貴就一定好,因為好多時呢啲錢都只係用嚟幫人交咗租或者落咗廣告。 一定要自己親身去試下,所以成日都話化妝其實係要花好多錢,因為係用嚟交"學費"既。 其實我就係用一隻精華粉底, 佢本身好薄好透亮,因為裏面含有精華嘅成分,所以用咗塊面都唔覺得好厚好重, 如果想遮瑕度高啲等佢乾咗之後再上多一層就ok喇。 因為我冇收人錢,所以我就唔hardsell我用緊邊隻粉底,如果你真係想知,你可以book個化妝親身試下。 另外,除非塊面嘅瑕疵好誇張,否則我唔建議用好厚既遮瑕膏去遮。 Would like to share something about the foundation and loose powder this time.

Never ever put thick foundation, loose powder & concealer if you want a long lasting makeup! Imagine if your skin had been fully covered and cannot breath well, things melt.

And a good foundation doesn't equal to expensive product. Don't pay for others rent and advertisement fee. Also, different foundation for different skin type. You need to try things out by yourself.

I am using a serum foundation which is very thin. You won't feel the thickness. I am not putting product ad for them here so if you really want to know which brand is that, you can book an appointment of daily makeup then can try that out.

最重要嘅秘密其實就係個碎粉, 我個碎粉係自己調配嘅透明粉, 裏面有hd高清粉,有保濕度高嘅碎粉,有唔同顏色用嚟改善膚色既。 仲有珠光同埋微閃嘅, 佢嘅作用就係利用光嘅折射令輕微嘅瑕疵更加唔顯眼。 因為所有粉都好幼細,所以一啲重量都冇, 定妝控油,成個妝貼薄自然。

The main secret of the long lasting makeup is my own mixed loose powder! It is multi-functional including HD powder, moisture formula, color tuning, smoothing and giving a bit shine. The subtle shimmer in the powder can reflex light which can hidden little defects of your skin and makes you look moist & fresh. It is sheer, weightless & oil control. Fit for all skin color and looking very natural.

最後一點係,我通常會將客人對眼畫得好靚。 咁大家嘅視線就會focus喺對眼度,而唔係喺面上嘅瑕疵度。

Last but not least, I will always draw a very beautiful eye makeup for my client. People will focus on her beautiful eyes instead of the skin defects.


But if you are having oily skin, it will be a different story. That was just a very special case for not having any touch up on the other day.

我調配既碎粉係有得賣嘅,大盒約20g $500,細盒約10g $280。


My own mixed loose powder is on sale now. Small bottle $280 approx 10g. Big bottle $500 approx 20g.

Contact me if you would like to try it!

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