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Daily Makeup? Event Makeup?

經常有客人問我個Daily Make up同Event Make up係點分,日妝?晚妝?咁如果夜晚去飲,應該book邊個?

Keep having inquiries about the difference between the Daily Make up and the Event Make up on my rate card. Daytime makeup? Night makeup? If going to a wedding banquet at night, which one should go for?

相信以下示範可以更容易理解 ~ Believed photos can tell more easily ~

Daily Make up 係你每日都會化既妝,係可以適合日或夜。只要話俾我聽你要去邊,我就會幫你設計。 Daily Make up is something that you will do daily. It means for both days and nights. Just let me know where you are going to. I will design for you.

Event Make up 顏色比較濃,適合特別場合,例如20年代party或角色扮演等活動。 Event Make up is in stronger color or for special event. For example character makeup for some special theme parties like 20s Great Gatsby or Marilyn Monroe...

Daily makeup VS Event makeup

Original VS Daily Makeup

其實Daily Make up已經好靚,適合多種唔同場合。當然顏色及深淺度係可以商議既。

Actually, the Daily Make up is pretty enough for most of the activities. We can always discuss about the color tone and the deepness.

另外如果你需要好誇張既顏色如印度式既化妝,Event Make up一樣可以做到。

And if you need more dramatic color like Indian makeup, let me know. The event makeup can fulfill your need also.

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