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Natural makeup is the best!

Don't please others by over makeover. It's because people will only like your makeover, but not YOU!

有日喺一個Facebook page 見到一個好有智慧💡既post👈 👇。 Came across this great post on the other day on Facebook. Approx meaning is... Don't please others by over makeover. It's because people will only like your makeover, but not YOU. 👏

身為化妝師真係深深認同👍。眼見好多女仔啲粉底勁厚,完全唔係自己膚色。當然,有啲顏色真係好靚,不過一拎起隻手,顏色完全差好遠,塊面好似帶咗面具咁,可以想像落咗妝就。。。 太厚既化妝真係令到旁人怕怕,男士更加唔敢靠近⛔。 除非你係藝人,否則一個自然舒服既妝容先係王道。 As a makeup artist, I totally agree with this. Seeing so many ladies with very thick foundation. And the color of the foundation is totally out of the range. Some of the colors may look very nice. But compared with their body..... it looks like a mask. You can imagine how they look like when having no makeup on..... A thick makeup not only keeping people in a distance, it also will scared guys away ⛔as your face will become not touchable or kissable. 😆

Unless you are actress on tv or movie, a natural makeup is the best!

因此,我一定會幫客人化一個自然嘅底妝。 我用嘅粉底係非常薄貼,持久又含保濕及抗衰老精華。 佢最特別之處, 係可以融入你嘅膚色,改善瑕疵之餘,又唔會令到你嘅膚色變奇怪。 咁當然如果有嚴重嘅瑕疵就一定會用遮瑕膏啦。 之後再用我自己調配嘅碎粉, 咁皮膚望落去就會好有光澤,顏色又自然。

有興趣我自己調配嘅碎粉, 可以去重溫我之前嗰篇 blog 📖

That's why I always do my client very natural foundation. The foundation I am using is weightless, long-lasting, with moisturizing and anti-aging essence.  The most special part of this foundation is the color. It can combine with your own skin color, not changing you into funny color but still can hidden defects. (Of course, concealer need to be applied if having serious defects.) After applying my own mixed loose powder, the skin looks glowy and natural. It is very comfortable as everything is thin and breathable. 

Interesting in the loose powder I mixed myself? You can review it in my previous blog 📖


Emphasize client's beautiful eyes is the trick. Making people focus on your charming eyes instead of the little defects on your face. Tell you what, having some defects will make you look warmth & "real" somehow.  

後記: 正如個post既作者H.H先生話:“一個人不能接受你原本的樣子,還談什麼真心不真心。” 所以,我哋只是“化妝”,而不需“喬裝”。

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